Family Travel Destinations

Family Travel Destinations

Our managing director, Leslie Overton, has been Condé Nast’s top exotic family travel specialist for seven years. She’ll be the first to tell you that there’s no need to give up adventure or remote travel just because you have kids. Traveling to our exotic family vacation destinations is much easier than you’d think, and far more rewarding than parking your family at the beach. In addition to expanding childrens’ awareness and deepening their curiosity by exposing them to different cultures and parts of the world, family adventure vacations to far-flung destinations strengthen family ties and create memories you’ll share around the dinner table for decades to come.
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Private Family Travel Tours

On our private family travel tours, you’ll be thrilled as your children squeal with delight as they ride a water buffalo, eat crocodile, or learn capoeira. We know that bringing your children to Southeast Asia, Africa, or the Middle East might be intimidating, but we do it all the time (really), and we want to help you do it too. Some destinations are simply more enjoyable when you explore them as a family, and our incredible family vacation destinations give people of all ages the chance to experience the world, and each other, in a new way.
Custom Family Trip

As we frequently travel with our own families, we understand the specific needs of families traveling together. The family travel activities that we select are enjoyable for all members of the group, from children to their grandparents. The accommodations at our family vacation destinations are comfortable, and fun—we can send you to resorts where you’ll live out your Swiss Family Robinson fantasies as you stay in luxury tree houses perched in the jungle, to ultra-modern hotels that come with their own water parks, to luxurious safari lodges, like Tswalu Private Game Reserve in South Africa, with kid-friendly activities like hanging with meerkats that bring the wild world to life. Because we recognize that everyone needs time to themselves on a family vacation, we make sure that the hotels and resorts we select offer activities that keep kids, and adults, happily occupied.

You can rest assured that Absolute Travel has been to all of our family vacation destinations and has tested these trips firsthand. Every single detail has been considered, from helpful room configurations to handpicking the most kid-friendly and inspirational guides so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a journey of a lifetime with your loved ones. Our family adventure vacations are so seamless and wonderful—we promise you’ll be anticipating your next trip before you even return from your first.
Family Vacation Destinations

Here are a few of our favorite family vacation destinations and family travel experiences:

Many children are intrigued by Dubai’s impressive indoor ski slopes, but Leslie recommends skipping the lengthy lines and exploring one of Abu Dhabi’s true gem’s instead—the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This is a true landmark of the region and has endless cool corners to explore top to bottom, from admiring the world’s largest (and 24-carat gold plated) chandelier to world’s biggest carpet and refreshing air-conditioned marble floors.
China wows people of all ages and is an outstanding family vacation destination. From Shanghai’s glittering skyline to the crumbling splendor of the Great Wall, and Sichuan’s Panda Sanctuary, this is a place for a family adventure vacation that will amaze everyone.
Fiji is a relaxing and exciting destination, and the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is the perfect spot for families. They believe that when children are well cared for, parents are well cared for, so trips here come with built-in childcare, a marine biologist on the grounds, and the warmest staff you could want. Your kids will be busy stomping through the forest on frog hunts while you’re sipping wine on the sand.

Thailand is an endlessly and deservedly popular family vacation destination because it has bright cities, fabulous beaches, thick jungles, and locals who just love children. One particularly rewarding family activity in Thailand is volunteering or staying at an elephant reserve, where you can feed orphaned babies and help them bathe in the nearby river. Our insider connections allow you to meet the reserve’s founder, and learn firsthand about their efforts.


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