Luxury Beach Vacations

Sometimes a straightforward beach vacation, complete with swaying palm trees, clear, turquoise seas, and uninterrupted stretches of white sand, is all you want. We offer one-of-a-kind journeys to luxury beach travel destinations around the world, and we’ll help you plan a trip to the location that’s exactly right for you.
From honeymoons to family getaways to the perfect way to cap off a more traditional trip, Absolute Travel’s private beach vacations can provide all of the solitude or adventure you’re craving.
Luxury Beach Travel Destinations
There are so many fabulous and unexpected places to go for exotic beach vacations, such as Chile, whose shores are lined with black volcanic sand, and New Zealand, whose coast is ruggedly wild and inviting. Then, of course, there is the South Pacific, often considered the ultimate place for an exotic beach vacation because of its sparkling blue waters and intimate resorts. There are beach destinations where there’s nothing to do but lay on the sand, take walks, and eat perfectly-cooked meals, such as Mozambique, and ones in Australia and Thailand that offer a range of adventure activities, such as diving wrecks, kayaking, and hiking in the jungle. There are beaches where all you’ll hear is the sound of the waves and the murmurs of wildlife, and ones where you’ll find yourself dancing to the music pouring out of nearby nightclubs, such as Brazil’s famously sexy Ipanema beach.
Our beach vacation packages are completely customizable, and have an incredible range of accommodation options—we can send you to beaches where you’ll sleep in luxury bungalows that come with plunge pools and butlers, or to ones where you’ll stay at grand, colonial-style mansions with verandas that were made for sipping cocktails at sundown. You can stay in an overwater, standalone villa that’s only reachable by boat, or in a Robinson Crusoe-style luxury tree house perched high above the sand. Your choices are endless, and endlessly enticing.
All of our beach vacations are tailored to meet your needs and interests; we can make the beach the focus of your entire journey, or just one part. Either way, when you travel with us, you are guaranteed to find yourself at the most fantastic beach destinations imaginable.
Some of our most popular beach vacations include the following experiences:
• Being dropped off on one of the Maldives’ tiny uninhabited islands, where you can have a gourmet picnic, complete with chilled Champagne, and spend the day doing whatever you want in total privacy.

• Diving Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This vast natural wonder is teeming with rainbow-colored fish and mammals. You’ll be awed by its intense concentration of marine life and delicate coral formations.
• Crossing the wooden bridge that connects the two islands of the ultra-indulgent and ultra-sustainable Song Saa resort in Cambodia and exploring the village and monastery that the resort helps support.

• Feasting on perfectly grilled meats at your own private asado at one of Uruguay’s many secluded beach destinations, and trying to count all the shooting stars darting across the sky.

You’ll spend the rest of your life dreaming about the private beach vacations you take with Absolute Travel. Call us to start planning your trip to one of the world’s most exciting and relaxing beach destinations.

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