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Saigon to Angkor Wat by Bike 10 Days

The Experience

Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned visitor, this journey through Vietnam and Cambodia is unforgettable. Discover the best of each destination with a broad spectrum of unique experiences in both locations. From bucolic strolls and local encounters in Vietnam’s bustling Mekong Delta region to historic walks through the ancient cities of Cambodia, this experience sums up what makes travel so rewarding. Delicious food, friendly locals, unique cultural experiences and a massive variety of landscapes, this tour captures what makes Vietnam and Cambodia two of Southeast Asia’s most fascinating visits.

Detailed itinerary

Brief Itinerary

* casual inn
Day Place Premiere Inns Duration ~ Cycling Distance
1 Saigon Caravella Saigon 1  
2 Cai Be Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort 1 40km / 24mi
3 Can Tho Victoria Can Tho 1 60km / 36mi
4 Chau Doc Victoria Chau Doc 1 70km / 42mi
5 Phnom Penh Raffles Le Royal 1 boat ride
6 Kampong Thom Sambor Village* 1 30km / 18mi
7 – 8 Siem Reap Raffles Grand d’Angkor 2 60km / 36mi
30km / 18mi
9 Free & Leisure Raffles Grand d’Angkor    
10 Departure      

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