Volunteer Vacations

Philanthropic Experiences

Wherever you decide to go with us, Absolute Travel can make your journey even more special by incorporating a visit to a conservation or community organization in your itinerary. These experiences will truly enhance your trip—imagine hiking among the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas in Uganda with a local woman who has dedicated her life to protecting them, spending the day at the “Greenest School in the World” in Bali, bottle-feeding orphaned elephants in Kenya, or exploring Cape Town’s colorful townships with locals who run social development projects that transform people’s lives.
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These opportunities are meaningful and affecting—they allow you to significantly deepen your connection to a place, its people, and those you’re traveling with.
Volunteer Vacations

We can arrange for you to visit trusted non-profits in all of our destinations, incorporate eco tourism resorts to stay at night, or make service work a small part of a comprehensive trip. If you’re in Kenya, for example, we can arrange for you to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization we actively support that successfully raises orphaned elephants and rhinos and reintroduces them into the wild. You’ll spend the day learning about the trust’s important work and interacting with the creatures the organization is currently housing. Another one of our favorite experience is visiting the Green School in Bali. The Green School takes an earth-centered, creative approach to educating its Indonesian and international students. Kids love meeting its incredible staff and interacting with children their own age, and participating in the school’s longer “Green Camp” programs, where the entire family can learn about environmental responsibility while having fun in the Balinese jungle. These opportunities are guaranteed to humble and thrill you, and to make you feel that you didn’t just see a place, but became part of it.

For those interested in an immersive volunteer vacation or eco adventure tour, we offer excellent options through the American Jewish World Service (AJWS), another organization we’ve partnered with because we are so impressed with the depth of their international development work. AJWS supports numerous grassroots initiatives in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that promote public health, economic development, and religious and gender equality. AJWS offers in-depth international volunteer opportunities that connect you with experts who teach you about the complex issues affecting the country you’re in, and give you the chance to visit and work on a few of their projects so you can gain a richer understanding of a region, and contribute to it.

Visiting community organizations, wildlife refuges, and taking volunteer vacations reward everyone involved. If you’re interested in incorporating a day of eco tours or designing a comprehensive eco adventure tour, please contact one of our luxury travel specialists.

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