Learn More about Japan

Learn More about Japan

Learn about Japan through the futuristic cities and elegant countryside of the Land of the Rising Sun. From ancient history, to traditional artistry, to breathtaking scenery, there is a journey in Japan to suit every personality and interest.

Get cultural as you learn about Japan with travel focused on ancient crafts and local flavors. Visit weaving centers and pottery villages; take in a classical Japanese theater performance; tour houses that once belonged to Japan’s finest craftspeople; take a class in ikebana—the Japanese art of flower arranging; or learn how to perform a formal tea ceremony. Sample sake at local breweries, dine in Kyoto’s most exclusive seasonal Kaiseki or Zen vegetarian restaurants, and learn how to prepare regional cuisine with a fully immersive cooking class!

Our luxury travel specialists have in-depth knowledge of Japan’s natural wonders, and we have plenty of Japan travel tips for naturalists and adventurers alike. Sail to Miyajima, an island in the Itsukushima Sea with a beautiful shrine and one of Japan’s memorable sights; stay in a ryokan in Kurashiki, Takayama, or Kanazawa; ride a horse through the national park in Kyushu, surrounded by active volcanoes; hike in the “Japanese Alps” or around the pristine lakes in the northern island of Hokkaido; hang with the locals at one of the casual izakayas, a popular gathering spot for food and drinks; or visit a Japanese family home for dinner or tea.

Some relaxing Japan travel tips include a walk through the mountain paths of Kamakura and its shrines, a dip in one of Hakone’s famed hot springs, or an exploration of Nikko and the shrine on its grounds. In Kyoto, visit rustic teahouses, homes of folk artisans, and shops that have been selling traditional goods for hundreds of years. Watch the deer roam in Nara Park, tour the famed Miho Museum, stroll through the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, or even take a journey up Mt. Fuji.

There is a lot to learn about traveling in Japan and Absolute Travel has all the Japan travel information you need to plan your perfect getaway. Give us a call and ask to talk to one of our luxury travel specialists today!

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