What Makes Us Different?

Our Differences!
We create unforgettable itineraries for individuals and groups of different sizes.
We are passionate about each destination we offer and we do our utmost to make our customers feel the same passion for each destination on their itinerary. We strongly believe that a holiday will only be memorable if it is customized to the needs and wants of each guest. We do our best to find the balance between excitement and comfort for a holiday that you will never forget. A touch of personal care and attention to detail is needed to make guests feel comfortable throughout their entire journey.
Your journey is entirely under your control!
Let us make things easier and more comfortable for you!
All our excursions are private and flexible to fit your needs and schedule.

Besides offering tours with set departure dates, we also have private tours and customized tours to fit your chosen departure times and dates.
Your entire journey is in your hands.
We have tours and accommodations for solo travelers, small groups of family and friends, and larger groups who want memorable excursions.

Our Tours are Private Transportation & Private guides at your own schedule.
Throughout your entire journey with us, a well-versed and well-informed tour guide or tour leader will accompany you during your excursions. They will accompany you during long day tours and will share their insights and information about the sights you see and local life. The guides have a good sense of humor to make sharing information and insights enjoyable.

We help you plan and create an itinerary.
We take care of all the little things for your holiday. We arrange your visa, book your hotels, arrange your daily activities, choosing tour guides, airport transfers, and all the other things that need to be done to make your vacation memorable. Without worrying about any of these, you will be free to enjoy and immerse yourself in the many experiences your trip brings.

VPT Experts in their respective fields.
When the opportunity arises we arrange meetings with local writers, researchers and artists who are experts in their respective fields. You get to meet with these people one-on-one to get to know them and to learn new things about the places you visit.

One of a kind travel destinations.
The luxury private tours and city excursions we have take you to interesting and exotic spots that transcend the ordinary. These spots are not easily accessible to you that is why we are offering them. Experienced and multi-lingual guides will accompany you all throughout the trip. The transfers and bookings even in the most remote places will be taken cared of before your arrival.

Excellent accommodations.
We thoroughly research the accommodations we provide each guest. We only offer the very best accommodations for guests who book with us. Our parameters for choosing accommodation go beyond comfort to integrate style, elegance, and luxury with the distinct personality of the place you will visit.

Customized to your interests
The itineraries we offer are varied so that guests have plenty of options. During the entire trip, guests will have balance between free time and guided tours, enabling guests to go out and explore. Our tours are flexible which enable you to customize them based on your preferences and interests.

24/7 customer support
We are a local travel agency, we speak several languages and have connections and offices in almost all of the destinations we offer in Indochina. We have a wide network and highly trained staff that can help you with any problem regarding your tour and itinerary at any time of day. We, VNPT, take your well-being and privacy very seriously. Please take note of the following to understand VPT’s privacy policy.

Plan your luxury vacation with our travel experts help plan. Speak with a Luxury Travel expert via WHATSAPP: +1-315-998-1998 or Email at info@virtuosotraveladvisor.com

  • Contact Traveller Assistance at info@virtuosotraveladvisor.com (non-emergency)
  • Customer Care: +84 902 011 200 (Vietnam)
  • Medical Assistance: +84988600388 (Vietnam)